Episodes from “The Dr. Michael Whitman Show”

Dr. Michael Whitman interviews Dr. Craig Malkin, a Harvard psychologist with a focus on researching narcissism. They discuss healthy versus unhealthy narcissism as well as how narcissism affects politicians.


Dr. Michael Whitman interviews Dr. Pat Allen renowned author and therapist. They discuss some of Dr. Pat’s research on relationships as well as physiological/emotional differences between men and women. Ways of improving communication are also explored.


Dr. Michael Whitman interviews sports psychologist Dr. Allen Fox part two. They discuss the performance psychology of the workplace as well as Serena Williams U.S. Open and how people’s emotions can get in the way of them getting what they want.


Dr. Michael Whitman interviews Gwendolyn Seidman, PhD social psychologist and professor at Albright College. They discussed some of Dr. Seidman’s research about use of social media such as Facebook and correlations to personality traits. For example they discuss the correlation between posting of selfies and narcissism.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Pat Allen a communication expert as well as best-selling author and well-known psychotherapist. They discuss differences between men and women and how they think, feel, and love. Recommendations are also made for improving relationship communication and connection.


Dr. Michael interviews Graham Elwood, an established comedian in Los Angeles. They discuss the psychology of humor and performance as well as how Graham came to follow his passion.


In this show the focus is sport psychology and optimizing performance in general… Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Allen Fox who has written a number of books on the topic as well as played professional tennis.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Peter Whybrow who is the chairman of the UCLA psychiatric Institute and a popular author. Dr. Michael and Dr. Whybrow discuss some of the ideas in his books including American consumerism,some of the adverse effects of technology on mental health, and the health of the American society in general. The therapists also discuss possible solutions.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Stephan Poulter: psychologist/author of several books including The Father Factor. Success in the workplace relationships and sports are explored in relation to parenting. These psychologists also discuss how psychotherapy can help heal some of the wounds of childhood.


Dr. Michael and Dr. Langley discussed the first appointment for psychotherapy as well as the last appointment. Higher rates of suicide in military women were also explored as well as differences between men and women in general.


Today Dr. Michael discusses sports psychology with the former world number 7 and tennis grand slam champion Brian Teacher. We discuss Brian’s success story,adversities, and how how to help young athletes with the emotional aspect of competition.


Dr. Michael and Dr. Langley discuss different theoretical approaches to therapy including CBT DBt and psychodynamic. The martyr role in the family is explored as well as how to better communicate/parent teens.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Clee Langley who describes how he became a therapist as well as some of his background including Air Force service and education. Dr. Langley also describes getting training and learning from of One of the 20th century’s greatest psychologists. Dr. Michael and Dr. Langley discuss how they treat addiction, depression, and couples in conflict.