Trina Chan, M.A., MFTi (IMF95326)

I received my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, California. As a therapist bilingual in both English and Mandarin, I had the opportunity to work at the Asian Pacific Women’s Center, Los Angeles where I worked with adults, children and families, providing individual, group and family therapy to survivors of domestic violence. Prior to that, I was involved with The Samaritans in Hong Kong, offering assistance to those with suicidal tendencies or in general distress. I have experience in working with a broad range of issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, family and relationship issues and behavioral problems, amongst others. I am also a Certified Life Coach.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Drama with Education Studies from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, I taught English and Drama to high school students and subsequently spent a year at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. My training in Drama, Film and Theatre and in ‘the Method’ have provided ideas and techniques to develop exercises that are effective in relaxation and healing.

My training and experience have encouraged me to approach every situation with an open mind, to be flexible, creative and empathetic. Life’s challenges often present an opportunity for growth and personal development. I am passionate about helping individuals to gain greater insight and self-awareness, explore relationship patterns, understand past experiences and how they continue to impact life in the present, and work towards making certain changes in order to experience greater satisfaction in their lives. Honesty and respect are qualities that I value highly and I believe strongly in creating a safe, open and non-judgmental environment in order for individuals to feel comfortable expressing themselves and to work through difficult and complex issues.


Francine Duran M.A., MFTi 99916

Many years ago in grad school, I remember a professor challenged us students to review our dash (-). The dash that goes between our date of birth to our present journey – the now!

What does it look like? How has it been so far? What happened? What did not happen? Did you get stuck somewhere on your journey due to fear of something? Are you not sure what that something is? Perhaps it’s fear of being inadequate; fear of it not working out; or fear of not knowing how to move forward? So many thoughts and questions were evoked in my mind by this assignment.

Let’s talk about your dash. Let’s review the challenges that have kept you from living a fuller, happier, more productive life. Let’s work together in a comfortable, safe environment and explore moving your journey forward.

I gained my Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the California Graduate Institute of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from California State University, Northridge. Currently, I am in my 2nd year of psychoanalytic training at the New Center for Psychoanalysis, where I am pursuing a certificate in psychoanalysis. In addition to my academic experience, I have worked in the mental health environment for 16 years and the community college field for 10 years.

My experience includes providing therapeutic services for the DAZ foundation (a multifaceted organization), including high conflict court-ordered parenting, anger management, domestic violence and divorce coaching. In this clinical setting, I also provided therapeutic intervention to individuals experiencing emotional distress, coping with and adjusting to life transitions, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, and being victims of violent crime. Furthermore, I review and assess for other underline disorders and I proceed with the appropriate interventions. I am devoted to and passionate about helping individuals grow into their own authentic selves and to achieve their fullest potential.

Lucy Singleton, M.A., AMFT 103403 is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Los Angeles native. She completed her Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Lucy has worked with a diverse clinical population of adults, teens, and families since starting her career. She enjoys building working relationships that are based on authenticity, non-judgment, and trust.

Lucy is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, therapeutic space for adults and adolescents to navigate the challenges and joys that life may bring. She uses a collaborative, attachment-based approach to help people with issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, life changes, family dynamics, parenting, and trauma. She uses the therapeutic relationship to empower clients to nurture the parts of their lives that may need special attention, given their unique needs and goals.

In addition to working creatively with teens, Lucy is also a certified Equine Specialist through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. This certification in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has allowed her to combine her interests of animals and psychology by using horses to benefit people in therapy. In her spare time Lucy recharges by hiking, painting, and practicing yoga.

Christina Stream AMFT, M.A., 116230

I earned a Master in Marital and Family Therapy degree at Loma Linda University, where I was trained to look at the challenges that people face through a systems approach. This approach treats an individual’s entire system, their family, work and relationships, as a cohesive entity. I worked at MEND Outpatient Program which is a facility that treats individuals who have a comorbid diagnosis of physical and mental health challenges. I have provided psychotherapy to people with diverse backgrounds. I have helped clients who have experienced anxiety, depression, grief and variations of trauma.

I believe that lasting and sustained change is possible. It is often vital to go back to our past experiences to understand our current narratives. Understanding who we are in the context of our past and current environments helps us find clarity about the ways we make meaning of ourselves through our experiences. I focus on clients’ current relationships and past relationships and the impact those relationships have on both conscious and unconscious processes that shape their meaning of self. I value creativity of expression and focus on treating the individual by understanding and appreciating the unique parts of themselves that have helped them build resilience over their life span.

Go to the Root—Samuel Root, Ph.D., AMFT #108869

Pain is life’s greatest teacher. Pain gets our attention and tests our character. It’s normal and natural to feel painful emotions. Can you welcome in difficult emotions when they arise? Persian poet Jalal al-Din Rumi suggested be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

Hi. My name is Dr. Samuel Root. As an associate psychotherapist, I can help you identify and integrate what’s coming up for you now. Understand that humans are wired to grow on non-physical levels their entire lives, and that growth includes periods of darkness on the way to new dawns. You might be at a crossroads, at a fork in the road. I can help you take stock and see your way forward.

Success in therapy largely depends on a client’s openness to help and his/her cooperation with the process. I go in with the intention to help clients face their challenges, gain insight, build resilience, find stability, and develop their creativity. Your collaborative spirit, curiosity, and courage will be key in helping me help you investigate and integrate your past, present, and future. The time is ripe.

Doctor Root studied at the University of Minnesota, Adler Graduate School, and Sofia University in Palo Alto. He draws inspiration from art, science, and nature. With experience counseling kids, teens, and adults since 2006, using a holistic psychodynamic and transpersonal approach Dr. Root shows empathy and skill in addressing grief and loss, culture shock, addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosomatic complaints, Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs), spiritual confusion, and balanced development toward authentic expression.

Doctor Root’s treatment philosophy is founded on the premise that practicing honesty and taking responsibility open the door to true transformation, and that resilience improves with practice. With the belief that humans participate in an interconnected whole, evolving purposefully toward unseen but sometimes deeply felt ultimates, Dr. Root inspires clients to align their personal desire for wholeness with the larger evolutionary current of mankind.

Doctor Root was born in Bonn, Germany and grew up in Los Angeles. An Adult Third Culture Kid (TCK), he enjoys reading, writing, doing yoga, handling produce, and traveling.